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Welcome to California Special Needs Advocacy

Do you have a hard time getting the services that your child needs?  Do you feel that the school district does not listen to you at  IEP/504 meetings?  Is your child getting all the services that they need?  (Speech, Occupational, Physical therapy, Behavioral services, Least Restrictive Environment) Are they getting a Free and Appropriate Public Education?

Do you get phone calls to come and get him/her?  Do they attend their neighborhood school?  Are they being suspended?  Up for expulsion? Bullied? Do they have ADHD/ADD and are being denied services?  Mental Health Issues? LGBT Intolerance/Discrimination?  

We provide advocacy services to students and their families to get the education that they are Entitled to under California and Federal Laws.

We advocate for Regional Center Clients as well.


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18 Tips for Getting Quality Special Education Services

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